Adopted! “Pistol” – Sweet & Smart Cavachon Boy from Massah

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We are very excited to introduce Pistol, (name can change) a stunning Cavachon boy from Massah & Cain born June 20, 2023. Pistol’s personality score is 6:7:6 meaning he is slightly dependent, outgoing and slightly confident. He is a sweet and loving Cavachon but not one that’s needy or clingy. He can handle being by himself. He is outgoing and likes to play but not hyper. He’s confident and doing very well in training. He does desire to please everyone and takes very little correction. He has already been neutered and is ready to go to his forever home. He is mostly full grown at 14 lbs and may max out between 14-19 lbs with a beautiful white and light red coat. 


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Puppy Pricing

Doggy Double Doctorate 12


Go-Home Date:
June 20, 2024

Doggy Double Doctorate 13


Go-Home Date:
July 20, 2024

Doggy Double Doctorate 14


Go-Home Date:
August 20, 2024

Ready to add this puppy to your home?

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Ready to add this puppy to your home?